Sample Menu's

We can cater for any event and we offer a hog roast menu or BBQ menu or even a combination of the two! We have included the basic menu’s available below and the extras you can have. If you would like something that is not on the menu then please ask as we will always try to provide exactly what you would like.

We now also offer the option to rent the hog machine from us please enquire for more information.

Basic Hog Roast Package
  • Hog
  • Brown or white baps
  • Stuffing
  • Apple sauce
  • Gravy

Additional Items
  • Baguettes various fillings - tuna mayo, tuna sweet corn, chicken tikka, coronation chicken, meatballs n salsa, Piri Piri, chicken & bacon, egg mayo, cheese & onion, prawn Mayo
  • Jacket potatoes with the same fillings as the baguettes OR beans, chilli, cheese, butter, coleslaw, curry
  • Chicken (various portions ie thigh, breast wing) can be marinated (ask for flavours)
  • Sausage various flavours
  • Burgers various flavours
  • Pasta various flavours
  • Cous cous various flavours
  • Salad various types, ie Greek, Italian, bean please ask
  • Corn on the cob
Basic BBQ Package
  • Sausage,  
  • pork, pork & beef, Cumberland and Lincolnshire
  • Burgers beef

Additional Items
  • Pasta various flavours
  • Cous cous various flavours
  • Chicken burgers
  • Burgers various flavours
  • Corn on the cob
  • Jacket spud various toppings (pls ask)
  • Salad various
  • Cheese burger
  • Pork pies
  • Sausage rolls
  • Chicken, pepper an onion kebab
  • Spicy beef kebab